Bitcoin model can be used against piracy, says Adobe manager

Last Thursday, 29, several debates took place that were part of the 4th Intellectual Property Seminar, which was held by the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), with the help of the World Intellectual Property Organization (Ompi) and the support of the National Institute of Industrial Property (Inpi) and the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ). During the debate, which focused on the problem of piracy exacerbated by the pandemic, it was speculated that Crypto Profit Scam Bitcoin’s core technology could be used to ensure the authenticity of products and ideas.

As the current global situation has accelerated the adoption of different types of trade and digital presentations, the debate focused on how the Brazilian system can improve to ensure the protection of different intellectual properties (patents, etc.). According to Carlos Abijaodi, director of Industrial Development at CNI:

„The seminar contributes to the deepening of reflections on intellectual property in Brazil and increasingly stimulates joint work between the public and private sectors promoting the resumption of economic growth and national development.“

One of the main points discussed was precisely a modernization of the current intellectual property system in Brazil, especially in relation to the Madrid Protocol, whose accession would allow the integration of an international trademark registration system. This would reduce by 80% the stock of patents under examination by INPI by 2021.

The challenges of data protection and the role of Bitcoin technology

An interesting point of all the discussions was how data, as well as these patents, can be protected through current technologies. This is one of the major concerns for many people and companies, considering how valuable data are today and how many entities, illegal or not, seek access to this type of data.

During the discussion on this issue and on this controversy of the new digital scenario regarding personal data, Rodrigo Leme, manager for Latin America of Adobe’s unauthorized uses area, suggested that the decentralized model could be used to increase the interface of personal data with intellectual property.

„The data could be protected with code, as well as in the bitcoin model, which works with so-called digital scarcity, where there is no piracy.“

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